Taichi Graphics Completes A-Round Financing of $50 Million

Taichi Graphics, an open-source graphics infrastructure and digital content creation cloud platform, announced on Monday that it has completed A-round financing totaling $50 million, jointly led by Source Code Capital, GGV Capital and BAI Capital. In addition, the firm’s previous shareholder, Sequoia Capital China, continued to invest in this round.

Established just 10 months ago, Taichi Graphics first became known for a programming language independently developed by its founding team. Known as Taichi, it can be embedded directly in Python, greatly improving the productivity of program developers. In addition, Taichi can automatically generate CPU/GPU codes compatible with various platforms, which realizes high performance and portability of the program.

Taichi has been used and jointly developed by researchers from hundreds of universities in China and abroad, providing value for computer graphics, artificial intelligence and many other fields. Since the second half of 2020, Taichi has also been applied in the industrial field, and various fluid special effects developed by the firm have been successfully deployed in several short video apps.

Based on this programming language, the startup has further developed the world’s first cloud-native 3D digital content creation platform – Taitopia. The platform is dedicated to enabling ordinary users to create their own digital world conveniently and efficiently.

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During the next stage, Taichi Graphics will strengthen the influence of its programming language in the field of parallel computing, and quickly iterate tools directly for digital content creators on the cloud platform. Taichi Graphics will also continue to recruit talent in R&D, products, commercialization, strategy and design, so that every creative developer, designer and artist can create value for the world with the company’s products.