XYZ Robotics Secures Nearly $40M in Round-B+ Financing

XYZ Robotics has obtained nearly $40 million in a B+ round of financing, led by Capital Today and followed by Gaorong Capital, 5Y Capital and Source Code Capital. XYZ Robotics has now raised a total of more than $100 million in financing.

XYZ Robotics was established in June 2018 and is headquartered in Shanghai. The company provides one-stop solutions for 3D visual sorting, such as logistics commodity sorting, unpacking and palletizing, industrial loading and unloading and assembly.

The team is grounded in the three technical advantages of 3D vision algorithms and sensor design, motion planning algorithms, and easy-to-use interface without code, and continuously polishes and iterates robot “hand-eye coordination technology” in scenario practice to empower system integrators to provide users with smarter robot products, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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For example, in the “bin picking” scenario, the team overcame technical obstacles such as highly reflective parts, difficult to empty edge objects, and non-standard baskets. Meanwhile, it freed users from the need to teach the robot trajectory, reflecting the three main product features of accuracy, high speed, and ease of use.

XYZ Robotics has developed rapidly in the past year, implementing hundreds of projects in China and abroad (including the United States, Japan and other countries), covering industries such as automotive, 3C, e-commerce, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, apparel, consumer goods, electronics, chemicals, and more, winning the unanimous approval of industry leaders.