Li Auto’s Strategic Conference Content Exposed: Avoiding Huawei’s Sharp Edge, Planning until 2028

In September 2023, Li Auto achieved a sales volume of 36,400 vehicles, surpassing the monthly sales milestone of 30,000 once again. The target for October is even set at 40,000 vehicles.

Li Auto recently held its autumn strategic meeting, where intensive discussions were conducted on the company’s future 5-10 year strategic direction and implementation pace.

Li Auto internally shared the research and development cases of Tesla and BYD, as well as the pace of intelligent driving implementation in the coming years, and even the market situation until 2028. A significant consensus has been reached in their strategy, which is to “spend money” with a claimed “cash balance of over 70 billion RMB.”

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In addition, the recently released AITO M7 model by Huawei has shown impressive sales figures, with over 50,000 units sold. This has changed the previous slump in sales. During the Chengdu Auto Show, Richard Yu even directly compared the new car to the models showcased at “the opposite booth” (Li Auto‘s booth). In response to this, Li Auto, a competitor of Huawei, also discussed their strategies to deal with Huawei.

After temporarily avoiding the fierce competition of the new AITO M7 in the automotive industry, Li Auto has also chosen a strategy of “playing to its strengths and making up for its weaknesses,” continuing to strengthen its product offerings in the family market. The company has carefully planned out the launch schedule for its products over the next five years.

In September this year, Li Auto sold 11,967 units of the Li Auto L9, 11,306 units of the Li Auto L8, and 13,088 units of the Li Auto L7. The first battery electric vehicle model from Li Auto, called Li MEGA, will be launched in December 2023 and deliveries will begin in February 2024.