Li Auto’s MEGA Ranks Sixth in Debut Week, Second in Electric MPV Market

According to the latest weekly sales ranking of the Chinese Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) market for the 11th week of 2024 (March 11 to March 17), the Li MEGA ranked sixth in its first week of sales. Deliveries of Li MEGA began on March 11, so this ranking covers the vehicle’s first week of sales.

In the pure electric MPV market alone, the Li MEGA’s first week of sales ranked second in the Chinese market, only behind the Xpeng X9, and above models such as the BYD Tengshi D9 EV and Jikra 009. However, these results significantly diverge from the initial expectations set forth by Li Auto.

During the second quarter 2023 earnings call and at the Li Auto spring launch event, CEO Li Xiang asserted multiple times, “Regarding the sales target for the MEGA, we are confident that the MEGA will become the top product with sales over 500,000 units, regardless of the energy source or body style.”

According to the ranking, in the 11th week of 2024, the BYD Tengshi D9 sold 2,400 units, ranking first in Chinese MPV market sales. Meanwhile, the Buick GL8 sold 1,500 units, the Senna sold 1,400 units, followed by the Xpeng X9 with 1,200 units sold.

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