Li Auto CEO Li Xiang Speaks Out: Li MEGA Encounters Organized Smear Campaign

On March 11, Li Auto CEO Li Xiang suddenly made a strong statement on social media: “In the darkness, there is organized illegal crime behind it. We are starting to fight back!”

This is the 10th day after the release of Li Auto‘s first battery electric car Li MEGA. It is also the day when Li MEGA starts delivery. During these 10 days, Li Xiang himself has been extremely rare in ‘silence’ on all social media platforms. Also during these 10 days, the new car Li MEGA has been controversial and turbulent, becoming more and more out of control.

What did Li Xiang say?

In the arena, Li Xiang has always been known for his straightforwardness and clear distinctions between love and hate. It is not uncommon, nor does he deliberately conceal it. However, this time after a long period of silence, such an intense ‘outburst’ is unprecedented. Just now, Li Xiang posted a dynamic update in his circle of friends to the ‘users and friends’ of Li Auto:

To the users and friends of Li Auto:

Everyone should be quite clear about what has happened in the past ten days. Many users and friends have been concerned for us, speaking up for us, and continuing to help and support us no matter how difficult it is. I am deeply grateful, this is also the core driving force for our growth.

For those organized illegal activities that occurred during the incident, we are already handling them through legal means.

I would like to express my views on this:

Although in darkness, I still choose light.

If I choose to compromise with darkness or even join it, then myself and those around me will become what we detest, and the society we live in will become increasingly dark.

After careful consideration, we have decided to fight back by using light against darkness. We hope that more people can work together to create and share beautiful designs, unique creativity, happy times so that more beautiful scenes can appear in our lives.

Li Auto‘s mission:

Creating a mobile home; creating a happy home.

Li Auto‘s values:

Take control of your own destiny; challenge the limits of growth.

The logic and format are so classic and traditional, you can refer to the speech delivered by US President Roosevelt to Congress declaring war on Japan on December 8, 1941, which was described as ‘solemn and angry.’ The day before, Japan had just successfully attacked Pearl Harbor.

The writing style and Li Xiang’s vocal expression are in perfect harmony.

But who is Li Xiang declaring war on? And who is being defended?

Li MEGA storm, escalating.

The Li Auto product sparking heated discussions and opposing views is common. However, this time, the fire has spread to Li Auto itself.

Li MEGA breaks the tradition, stands out with innovative and sharp design, unlike MPVs, and not like the ‘cars’ in the minds of ordinary users.

Li Auto official is considering using the concept of ‘high-speed rail’ for promotion. A large number of internet users have created derivative works, making Li MEGA even more popular.

However, everything is normal at this time. Editing and joking about the Li MEGA, as well as criticism or interpretation, are all within a reasonable range and acceptable degree.

(Source: AI4Auto)

The official naturally welcomes such dissemination.

But after the official launch, it seems like things are different. Priced at 559,800 yuan, it is frequently compared to competitors such as Denza D9, XPeng X9, and Zeekr 009. This is normal, but on the second day of its March 2nd release, suddenly there was a specific numerical message spread: ‘Li MEGA had 3218 units ordered within 72 hours of listing, but there were as many as 10297 cancellations.’

No data source but widely spread, probably means Li MEGA started off on the wrong foot. Most of the blind orders from the previous Guangzhou Auto Show have been cancelled, and new orders are far below expectations. Even some influential bloggers claim with certainty that most orders ‘flowed to XPeng and Denza’. The stock price of Ideal also experienced a chain reaction.

Things started to get out of control, starting from the use of colored filters and spoofing. The source is untraceable, but it all began with the widespread circulation of these two images:

(Source: AI4Auto)

The influence is getting bigger and bigger. Now, almost all comments related to the Li MEGA are about ‘inauspicious’ matters. Everyone is criticizing the design, but no one is discussing how the car actually performs.

Various true and false information is also circulating.

The strangeness of this matter lies in the fact that the Li MEGA exterior design was revealed long ago, but negative publicity concentrated after the price announcement, and only focused on the design while avoiding other aspects.

If such awareness penetrates the subconscious, it will not only affect the addition of Li MEGA orders, but also make customers who have placed orders feel uncomfortable.

So Li Xiang’s mention of ‘darkness’ and ‘organization’ means that this negative publicity specifically targeting Li MEGA is orchestrated by someone, with economic interests involved.

Li Xiang’s temperament will definitely not tolerate grievances. ‘Not going along with the darkness and getting dirty,’ what he wants to express is that Li Auto will not engage in ‘black PR’ behind the scenes and retaliate, but will directly file a lawsuit.

These 10 days, Li Auto‘s legal department and marketing department must have worked overtime without rest. Li Xiang should also have spoken out only after obtaining solid evidence.

In fact, companies such as Great Wall, BYD, Geely and others have publicly discussed ‘black PR’ many times before, expressing a firm attitude of not tolerating it and even setting up rewards for reporting clues. They have also sued a number of media accounts. In the future, there is a high probability that Li Auto will do the same.

Under Li Xiang’s Moments, Richard Yu, He Xiaopeng and other big shots also replied one after another, showing strong support.

And Li Xiang himself should also make the results of this investigation and prosecution public. Some things in the automotive marketing industry that are hidden or shady may no longer be concealed.

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