The First Batch of 46,500 iPhone X Has Been Shipped From Zhengzhou

On October 15 It is learned from Zhengzhou customs that the first batch of 46,500 iPhone X has been shipped from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Integrated Bonded Zone. These phones will respectively be shipped to Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates from Xinzheng International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

</section >To ensure smooth customs clearance, Zhengzhou customs has learned product clearance information and reserved clearance status in advance. The customs has arranged overall regulatory power and has closely connected links from appraisal of price during customs clearance, physical regulation to customs release. It optimizes the process of cargo delivery from integrated bonded zone to Xinzheng Airport and adopts the model of integrated customs clearance linked with customs clearance process in Shanghai. The customs has enhanced the efficiency of the on-site supervision so as to ensure the smooth clearance of new iPhone.

It is learned that the iPhone X could be pre-ordered on October 27 and will be available on November 3.

This article originally appeared in Xinhua News Agency and was translated by Pandaily.