Apple Announces New Shenzhen Lab for Research and Development of Products Including Vision Pro

Apple announced on March 12 that it is expanding its application research labs in China, with a focus on enhancing the Shanghai research center’s capabilities.

This expansion is designed to bolster the reliability, quality, and material analysis of all Apple’s product lines. As part of this growth, the company revealed plans to establish a new lab in Shenzhen later this year, strategically located near production and assembly bases to deepen collaboration with local suppliers.

The Shenzhen lab aims to advance testing and research capabilities for Apple’s product range, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro. These labs will simulate user experiences under a variety of conditions, from extreme temperatures to intense physical activity, aiding in the development of innovative solutions. These include the introduction of new materials, such as the titanium used in the iPhone 15 Pro, and the implementation of new technologies, like Face ID.

Apple’s significant investment in these labs, reported to be over 1 billion yuan, underscores its commitment to product development and quality assurance. This investment is expected to increase with the addition of the Shenzhen research lab, reflecting Apple’s strategic emphasis on its operations in China.

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