Insider Denied the Speculated Collaboration Between Apple and Baidu on AI

It was recently reported that Baidu is set to provide AI capabilities for the Chinese versions of Apple’s upcoming products, namely the iPhone 16, Mac systems, and iOS 18. However, a source close to Apple has denied these claims, indicating that no formal cooperation agreement between Apple and Baidu has been established yet.

According to an insider at Baidu, the tech giant was indeed planning to offer AI functionality for Apple’s soon-to-be-launched products. It was revealed that Apple had previously engaged in discussions with Alibaba and another domestic AI company before deciding on Baidu‘s services. The proposed model for this collaboration was an API interface, which would serve as the billing method.

Another source within Baidu mentioned that there had been third-party information suggesting that Apple would integrate Baidu‘s Ernie Bot. However, the specific details of this potential collaboration have not been officially announced.

In China, regulatory approval is required before large AI models can be utilized. Apple’s search for a local AI provider is primarily driven by the need to meet compliance requirements for devices sold within China. As of now, Chinese regulatory authorities have approved over 40 different types of large AI models, including Baidu‘s Ernie Bot.

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