Douyin Tests Home Delivery Service, 0.8 Yuan Per Order

According to a report by Tech Planet on Wednesday, ByteDance’s Douyin recently launched its home delivery service. Merchants utilizing this function can directly provide door-to-door service for consumer orders for express delivery services, thus reducing the rate of logistics complaints and product returns from consumers.

At present, this function is still under testing and has not been widely deployed. Specific details of the use of the new functionality of the APP are as follows: home delivery is a logistics value-added service ordered by merchants on the platform while the courier companies promise door-to-door delivery for orders using the service.

The first batch of orders will be given to three express delivery companies, namely ZTO Express, YTO Express and YUNDA Express. Other companies are gradually being brought into the fold. Charges for the delivery services will be 0.8 yuan ($0.13) per order, with the logistics track taking the first deduction. When the courier company fails to perform the promised service leading to a customer complaint, it will compensate the merchant 5 yuan per order.

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ByteDance is constantly improving its logistics performance. According to media reports, an independent e-commerce App is being developed internally within Douyin’s e-commerce application, which has been under small-scale testing in several cities. The company hopes to build a relatively complete e-commerce service system including logistics.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that ByteDance invested in iMile which is a Dubai-based logistics company. The company was valued at $350 million, of which ByteDance invested about $10 million at a lower valuation.