Douyin E-Commerce Ventures out of Douyin, Launching the Douyin Shopping Mall App

Tech Planet exclusively learned that Douyin e-commerce recently launched an app called “Douyin Shopping Mall,” featuring “great value goods for worry-free selection.” This is the first comprehensive independent e-commerce platform launched by Douyin e-commerce outside of the Douyin app.

The person in charge of Douyin e-commerce expressed to Tech Planet, “We have observed that some users have a strong demand for active shopping. In order to better serve these users, Douyin e-commerce has launched the Douyin Shopping Mall version to help these users discover quality products at good prices and manage orders conveniently.”

It is reported that Douyin Shopping Mall is an e-commerce shopping app that can provide users with services such as browsing products, searching, purchasing goods or services, logistics tracking, posting reviews, and sharing products.

After entering the Douyin Shopping Mall app, the shopping mall interface will be displayed by default. The top of the shopping mall interface has a search bar and sub-business entry points, such as mobile phone recharge, Douyin supermarket, instant delivery, trial collection, etc. In addition, there are entrances for low-price flash sales, live streaming selections, and value-for-money purchases. The goods in the Douyin Shopping Mall app come from Dou stores, and the shopping process for goods is not much different from that in the Douyin app store.

It is worth noting that the Douyin Shopping Mall highlights the position of “low-price flash sale”, replacing the original “super value purchase” in the Douyin app mall, giving it a higher traffic display position.

This move may be exploring the low-price strategy promoted by Douyin e-commerce. Douyin e-commerce has set “price power” as its top priority task for 2024, making it another e-commerce platform that explicitly elevates “low price” to a core strategy internally after Pinduoduo, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, and

In addition, the Douyin Shopping Mall retains a video interface but removes the shooting and creation functions. The app will synchronize with the videos or live content that users love in the Douyin app for playback. Users can also see recommendations for video shopping and live streaming shopping on this interface, making it easier for users to make purchases and facilitate transactions within the platform.

The shopping cart function of the Douyin Shopping Mall has become an independent entrance, placed in the bottom navigation bar of the app. In the shopping cart, users can see the products added to the mall, as well as information on orders for products that can be delivered within hours. There is also a “price reduction” window, which is mainly designed for promotional discounts. It can automatically send messages to users when prices are reduced to remind them to place an order and make a purchase.

The launch of the Douyin Shopping Mall app undoubtedly indicates that Douyin e-commerce hopes to expand its business beyond the main platform of Douyin.

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Short video e-commerce has set a total transaction volume (GMV) target of over 3 trillion yuan by 2024. It is worth noting that the total transaction volume of short video e-commerce in 2023 was about 2.2 trillion yuan, indicating that short video e-commerce needs to achieve over 36% growth in 2024 to reach the set GMV target. This also means that short video e-commerce needs to explore more possibilities, and launching an independent platform is undoubtedly an important option.

From the product perspective, Douyin is becoming more and more bloated. It would be more appropriate for Douyin e-commerce to launch a comprehensive app, which can not only reduce the pressure on Douyin’s app to carry out e-commerce business but also explore more business boundaries through independent apps or even independent e-commerce brands. Many platforms are doing this as well, such as Meituan launching an independent e-commerce app called “Meituan E-commerce”.

In terms of industry, the battle for e-commerce has entered a white-hot stage. Platforms such as Taobao,, and Pinduoduo are not only engaging in fierce price wars but also penetrating into areas where other players excel. The appearance of the Douyin Shopping Mall app allows Douyin e-commerce to create an independent brand image, better showcase its e-commerce characteristics and advantages, and develop consumer markets outside its domain.