XPeng Reportedly Reshuffles Duties of Core Executives

Personnel turmoil has persisted at Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng since its major organizational adjustment announcement in October of last year. According to media outlet 36Kr, the company has experienced significant changes since Wang Fengying, a former executive at Great Wall Motor, became its president on January 30 of this year. As a result, many core executives have either left or are expected to leave the company, although XPeng denied the report.

XPeng‘s powertrain department has undergone a leadership change as Liu Minghui, its former vice president, has left his post. He has been succeeded by Gu Jie, a former technical executive of Delphi Auto Parts. Additionally, Liao Qinghong, the chief talent officer and vice president of sales at XPeng, is set to vacate his position and is currently on leave. Sources have reported that Liao’s sales and marketing responsibilities have been assumed by others, and his schedule has been cleared. Both Liu and Liao previously reported to He Xiaopeng, XPeng‘s CEO and Chairman.

While the departure of two XPeng executives may be the beginning of a greater personnel shift, the upcoming changes are expected to include the company’s two core founding members, Henry Xia and He Tao. Xia has long been responsible for product development, manufacturing, and quality control, while He has focused on supply chain management and direct sales. However, since last October, the jurisdictional businesses of Xia and He have been continuously shrinking, indicating a potential shift in their roles or the company’s direction.

According to a source close to XPeng executives, He Xiaopeng plans to launch an internal “re-starting” plan that will see him and Wang Fengying take the reins of the company. In mid-February, an email detailing the organizational adjustments was sent to XPeng‘s middle and senior-level employees. The email stated that the company would be restructuring core departments, such as those involved in automotive technology, manufacturing, supply chain, and user development centers, with He Xiaopeng and Wang Fengying assuming the highest authority in these areas.

An XPeng employee has revealed that since the company’s structural adjustment last October, He Xiaopeng has been the only executive director on the board, but Wang Fengying has now joined him. He Xiaopeng is currently focused on financing and corporate strategy, while the management team still reports to him. However, many business decisions are being made by Wang Fengying, except for those related to automatic driving.

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At present, the internal system of XPeng shows that Henry Xia and He Tao are still in office. At present, one of the directions of internal discussion may be that Xia will be responsible for the auto parts businesses, such as batteries, motors and charging technologies.

Informed sources have reported that XPeng is currently conducting a series of compliance reviews, which involve many of its supply chain procurement businesses. At a meeting earlier this year, He Xiaopeng expressed concerns about cost control and integrity.