XPeng to Open First Self-Operated Stores in Sweden and the Netherlands

Chinese electric vehicle brand XPeng Motors plans to expand its business to Sweden and the Netherlands, CNBC reported on Thursday. XPeng decided to operate under a specific business model, combining direct selling and agency cooperation with local partners. XPeng‘s first store in Sweden will be established in Stockholm this week, while its first store in the Netherlands will open in March.

At present, XPeng has reached a cooperation agreement for the Dutch market with Emil Frey, the largest automobile importer in Europe. Emil Frey will be responsible for developing the local sales and service networks for XPeng, in addition to managing the brand’s Dutch stores.

The agency retail agreement signed by XPeng and Emil Frey marks a major breakthrough in the firm’s attempts at expansion in Europe. This cooperation is XPeng‘s first agency retail cooperation in Europe so far.

The firm says this agreement will bring considerable potential for XPeng‘s retail expansion in the Netherlands and other regions. Through the cooperation, XPeng customers will benefit from consistent online and offline pricing, Emil Frey’s service and distribution networks, as well as its service efficiency and quality standards. In addition, XPeng plans to open an experience store in Westfield Mall near the Hague, the Netherlands in March 2022.

In Sweden, XPeng has reached an agency retail cooperation agreement with Bilia, the largest automobile dealer and distributor in the country.

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The company’s first experience store, which is also the first of XPeng‘s self-operated stores in the international market, will open in Stockholm this week. Bilia will provide a comprehensive network consisting of 58 dealers and 66 service centers in Sweden. Additionally, XPeng‘s products will be launched in Bilia’s own stores.

He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPeng Motors, has issued the following statement: “Our global journey starts from Europe, propelled by our commitment to smart EV penetration. We strongly support the development of EVs in Europe and are establishing partnerships with leading local companies to accelerate the process of energy conservation, emission reduction and electrification in Europe.”