Xingji Meizu Responds to the Termination of Self-developed Chip Business

On August 8th, Xingji Meizu responded this afternoon to the news regarding the “Xingji Meizu’s adjustment of chip business and optimization for fresh graduates.”

According to a Weibo blogger, Xingji Meizu officially stated: Faced with the uncertainty of the global economic environment, Xingji Meizu Group has decided to terminate its self-developed chip business and focus more on product innovation and software user experience.

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Due to the adjustment of related businesses, there will be some personnel optimization. The company is actively coordinating and communicating to find solutions in accordance with laws and regulations. For affected fresh graduates, the company is also maximizing their reassignment through internal recommendations and other methods.

The blogger learned from official sources that this adjustment involves a total of over 100 people, including over 50 recent graduates. Currently, priority is given to internally redirecting the recent graduates.

Previously, according to information from various informed sources, due to the long investment cycle and high costs of chip development, the AR chip from Xingji Meizu has not yet produced any products, which has affected their listing plans. Xingji Meizu is now planning to adjust its chip business.

This department currently employs approximately 200 staff members, including over 40 recent graduates who joined this year. The adjustment plan involves laying off all recent graduates and retaining a small number of senior employees. Compensation arrangements are currently being negotiated.