NIO Phone 2 Has Completed Development and Entered the Manufacturing Phase

On March 19th, blogger @水水兄同学 released a video of NIO‘s founder and chairman William Li participating in the ‘Talking about Jiangcheng’ event. William Li stated during the event: NIO has completed the research and development work for the second generation of NIO Phone, which is now in the manufacturing stage and will be released soon. At the same time, William Li mentioned: ‘NIO will only release one new phone each year.’

NIO Vice President Bai Jian reposted the video and stated that NIO will have three tasks this year for its mobile phone:

Continuously improve the interconnection between car systems and mobile phones, optimizing both new and existing functions. For example, the interconnection between mobile phones and screens in cars, seamless ultra-low latency resource sharing between mobile phones and cars will be gradually updated next month;

Further open up lower-level functions on the car end for interaction with mobile phones to make users’ driving experience more convenient. For example, contactless parking will be fully launched in early April. Exploring possibilities of opening up to the entire industry;

Sharing computing power/information between car systems and mobile phones to facilitate efficient deployment of large-scale model applications.

At the media interview event of NIO Innovation and Technology Day in September 2023, William Li, CEO and Chairman of NIO, stated that the follow-up iterations of NIO Phone will continue. The research and development cycle for the phone has basically formed a ‘fixed mode,’ with the second generation NIO Phone already in development.

NIO launched its first smartphone, the NIO Phone, at the end of 2023. The phone features a ‘skyline design,’ with a rounded overall back cover. The lens module has a glossy protrusion, while the bottom is designed with a matte finish, claiming to use an ‘integrated glass’ back cover that combines both gloss and matte textures.

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When facing the question of ‘why do electric car manufacturers want to make phones,’ William Li said: ‘The key is that Huawei and Xiaomi are making cars. This is first and foremost NIO‘s defensive strategy, of course, all modern smartphones can connect to NIO cars, but the best integration is provided by NIO phones.’