Vivo X70 Sets September 9 Release Date, X70 Pro+ to Have All New Design

Smartphone maker vivo has confirmed the release date of its newest smart phone. September 9 will see the new lineup of phones unveiled to the public, including vivo X70, X70 Pro and X70 Pro+. The release will happen at 7:00 pm on September 9.

The preview of the new vivo X70 Pro+ suggests that this model will feature a brand-new design, quite different from former phones in the X series.

The picture also reveals that the X70 Pro+ will still feature four rear cameras with Zeiss lenses and will be wrapped in a plain leather case.

In the company’s recent press conference, with the theme of “sci-tech innovation”, Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President of vivo, said the company plans to adopt a self-developed V1 customized image processor in next series of flagship devices.

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This chip is said to have been in development for 2 years, giving an earlier release than previous joint efforts. That vivo seeks cooperation is because the ready-made image signal processing (ISP) available now cannot meet its requirements.

Hu Baishan didn’t disclose many more details of the V1 processor, except implying this processor could significantly improve the image quality of the vivo X70 series smart phones, especially in portrait and background blurring, night scenes, and image stabalization.