OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Customized Phone on Sale: Industry’s First Projection Technology

On March 5th, it was announced that the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Edition will officially go on sale today at 10:00. It features a new “Thunder Purple” limited color scheme, industry-first projection technology, Keqing-themed texture, and the first release price of 3399 yuan for the 16+512GB version.

OnePlus stated that the reason for choosing the character Keking as a customized character is because of its compatibility with OnePlus’s style, and this character embodies the attitude of “Never Settle,” which aligns with OnePlus’s philosophy. The company has also specially designed an exclusive character portrait for this new device.

In terms of appearance, the OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Edition uses an overall “Thunder Purple” monochrome design, incorporating “spotlight elements,” creating a certain atmosphere. The back of the body uses exclusive “new generation silk glass craftsmanship,” with a unique Keqing custom texture, claiming to be able to create an immersive and atmospheric Keqing exclusive world for every traveler who likes Keqing.

The official emphasized the world’s first “Tianguang Yinyin craftsmanship” at the top of the phone, which can reflect and project clear names in life under light, projecting the name “Keqing” anywhere with light.

In terms of software, this custom phone has the “Keqing exclusive system theme”, built-in 8 new design emoticons, and a complete Keqing exclusive theme UI, which includes “deep sampling” element icons, keyboard skins, NFC card patterns, application backgrounds, boot animations, dynamic wallpapers , screen-off clock, charging animation, fingerprint unlock animation; and has exclusive voice call and message ringtones.

The official also stated that this phone comes with a series of themed accessories, including “custom gold-plated thunderbolt card pin”, “sword light 100W super flash charging charger”, “T-shaped sword light custom fast charging data cable”, and “custom phone protective case”.

In addition, this mobile phone also comes with a series of peripherals such as “customized acrylic stand”, “customized badge”, “customized phone holder”, “customized Q version commemorative metal badge”, “customized emoji stickers”, and “customized theme posters”. The phone also uses a “collectible-grade” packaging gift box, which can be transformed into a storage platform in the shape of a sunny day inside the gift box.

In terms of performance, this mobile phone is said to have “professional performance in the game ‘Genshin Impact'”, it is relatively “aggressive” in terms of performance release, and it also features GSS gaming state communication technology. It has optimized the “background survival experience”, claiming that “the game will still be kept alive 5 minutes after exiting the background”.

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