Tim Cook’s Trip to China Sparks Discussions on Social Media

Apple CEO Tim Cook has started his trip to China, where he was invited to attend the China Development Forum in Beijing from March 25 to 27. Apart from conducting business talks, Cook has been visiting Apple stores, attending meetings and taking photos with different people during his stay.

On March 24, Tim Cook made an appearance at the Apple retail store located in Sanlitun, which is situated in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. During his visit, numerous fans took photos with him and shared them on social media platforms. One customer even requested Cook to sign his broken iPhone back cover while a Xiaomi 13 Pro user also managed to take a photo with him. Despite facing competition from Apple’s rival company in China, Cook maintained his signature smile throughout the event. However, this particular photo went viral and caused both Cook and Xiaomi to trend on Weibo – a Twitter-like platform popular in China.

(Source: Weibo)

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On March 26, Cook held a meeting with the Apple retail team at China Central Place in Beijing. Later that day, photos surfaced online of Cook arriving at a high-end Japanese restaurant in Beijing. He was seen exiting a Mercedes AMG S65L before entering the restaurant where the average cost per person is approximately 2000 yuan ($289).

On March 27, Cook expressed his delight on Weibo about the enjoyable time he had spent with customers and team members at Apple Wangfujing. During the same day, he also visited Nomo Cam, a software studio that specializes in filming applications. There, three developers showcased some of the latest features of their application to Cook, including the ability to display multiple monitor screens simultaneously on one screen.

On March 28, Cook traveled from Beijing to Shanghai where he visited the training base of Wang Jiachao, a Paraswimmer and triathlete. During his visit, Cook shared a photo on Weibo of himself playing with an Apple Watch alongside Wang.

Wang Jiachao (L) and Cook (R) (Source: Cook’s Weibo account)

On March 29, during his visit to Shanghai, Cook paid a visit to Wang Peiyu’s Peking Opera studio called “Yuyinshe”. He thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Peking Opera and even cheered for the young actors in Chinese. Cook motivated them by encouraging their continued learning and expressed that their future is boundless.

On March 30, Cook shared a photo on Weibo where he expressed his enjoyment of meeting with the creators of award-winning iPhone and iPad games such as Genshin Impact. He thanked miHoYo’s phenomenal team for showing him how they create immersive fantasy worlds that everyone can enjoy on the App Store. It is worth noting that Genshin Impact won the iPhone Game of the Year award on December 2, 2020, making it the first domestically produced mobile game to receive this prestigious recognition.

Cook and creators of Genshin Impact (Source: Cook’s Weibo account)