Apple CEO Tim Cook Highlights Partnership in Sustainability Goals at China Forum

Apple CEO Tim Cook, while attending the 2024 Annual Meeting of the China Development High-Level Forum in Beijing, expressed his deep appreciation for the company’s Chinese partners.

Cook highlighted Apple’s ambitious goal: achieving carbon neutrality across all its products by 2030. He outlined the company’s significant strides towards this target, including a reduction of Apple’s overall carbon footprint by over 45% since 2015. He also celebrated the launch of Apple’s first carbon-neutral product, the latest Apple Watch, as a major milestone.

Cook emphasized Apple’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. He envisions a future where products are made without depleting Earth’s resources, underpinned by robust technological advancements that promote recycling. He also underscored Apple’s ongoing commitment to using renewable energy. To date, Apple and its global suppliers support more than 15 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, with a significant portion of these projects based in China.

He praised Chinese suppliers for not just embracing Apple’s sustainability goals, but also for their innovation and proactive approach in finding new ways to help achieve these targets. During a recent visit to several Chinese suppliers, including BYD, Cook was impressed by their dedication to energy conservation and their significant progress in utilizing recycling technologies and renewable energy.

Cook concluded by stressing the importance of collaboration in achieving these ambitious objectives, stating, “I believe that 1+1 is always greater than 2.” He acknowledged the invaluable contribution of Apple’s partners, many of whom are based in China, and emphasized that without their cooperation, Apple’s goals would be unattainable.

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