Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group Releases Sub-Brand Tianmei Health

Tencent‘s TiMi Studio Group announced on Monday that it will launch Tianmei Health, a sub-brand focusing on sports and wellness. Tianmei Health has reached a cooperation agreement with FITURE, a Chinese intelligent fitness equipment brand, hoping to make fitness more creative and interactive through the deep integration of games and intelligent fitness products.

Starting with “Honor of Kings,” through the authorization of the game’s hero images, Tianmei Health cooperated with FITURE in customizing magic mirrors, theme training courses, and joint sports merchandise. In order to perfectly interpret the hero images of “Honor of Kings,” FITURE’s star coaches and content team refined related works and characters, and matched them with mainstream sports categories.

Through deeply-customized content creation, including action and training language design, costume props and sound and visual effects, many innovative theme courses have been developed, such as “holographic shadow energy impact,” “arrow feather yoga” and so on.

FITURE has independently developed its “FITURE Motion Engine,” a core system of intelligent fitness. This intelligent motion tracking system now has functions of motion capture, real-time error correction, data analysis and more. There are more than 1,000 recognizable motion libraries, and many indicators such as visual angle, algorithm accuracy and recognition coverage are at the leading international level.

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Next, the two parties will continue to make more attempts in the technology and product dimensions, and a variety of game IPs such as GKart (QQ Speed), Craz3 Match and Parkour Everyday will also be added, and in-depth cooperation will continue in developing hardware products, fitness merchandise and course content.