Tencent’s 17-year-old Game “QQ Tang” to Cease Operations in April 2022

Tencent’s game “QQ Tang” announced on Thursday that it will cease operations in the Chinese mainland on April 20, 2022 due to a shift in strategic planning with its project team.

At 11 o’clock on December 16, 2021, Q currency/Q point payment and new user registration will be stopped. At 11:00 on April 20, 2022, the game server, official website, forum and exclusive customer service, will all be shut down.

After the game server is shut down, all account data and role data in the game will be deleted. The only exceptions will be data agreed to be kept on by laws and regulations or any agreements signed between Tencent and players..

After this announcement was released, some netizens expressed their sadness, “Now my childhood is really gone”. Some netizens, however, said the decision was almost a foregone conclusion. One commentator wrote, “I used to think that this game was fun, but when I played it again as an adult, it wasn’t a very normal game experience. Tencent has not maintained the game very well. It was only a matter of time before it stopped operating.”

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“QQ Tang” is a leisure game launched by Tencent at the end of 2004. Its inspiration came from Bomberman, a Japanese video game. Users need to press the space bar to release sugar bubbles which then explode to release syrup five seconds later. If the virtual character touches the syrup, he will be trapped and suffocate after five seconds.