TCL Sets Up Lab Jointly With Tencent START Cloud Gaming

On Monday, TCL and Tencent START Cloud Gaming held an opening ceremony for their joint lab in China’s southern city of Shenzhen.

This is the first cloud game joint lab in the big screen industry. Relying on TCL’s comprehensive platform and technical capabilities, as well as Tencent START’s industry-leading cloud virtual, audio and video technology and game resource capabilities, both sides will cooperate deeply in wireless connection, coding and decoding, end-to-end cloud collaboration and system customization optimization, and jointly tap into the potential of cloud games on the big screen, so as to provide an excellent cloud game experience for consumers.

Since the beginning of 2020, TCL has cooperated with Tencent START Cloud Gaming, jointly explored different options of large-screen cloud games from multiple dimensions such as equipment adaptation, technology upgrade and experience optimization. They occupy a leading position in the industry in terms of hardware, content and interactive experience. At present, Tencent START is available in most TCL models.

In terms of hardware, TCL launched the sixth generation of primary color quantum dots, which opened up the large screen “image quality” pattern. The new product is synonymous with one billion colors, and achieved the first place market share of quantum dots. In addition, TCL adopts QD-Mini LED, the “next generation display technology,” enabling large screen with higher brightness, higher contrast and better color, and greatly improving the game experience of players.

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In terms of content, FFALCON Technology, a subsidiary of TCL, launched national console games such as Overcooked and Moving Out, which greatly enriched users’ home entertainment experience. Up to now, FFALCON has launched many high-quality cloud games, and it’s one of the richest platforms of OTT.

It is reported that with the maturity of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing and big data, cloud games are developing rapidly. According to the China Cloud Game Market Trend Report jointly released by Tencent Research Institute and Newzoo in 2021, from 2020 to 2023, the global market of cloud games will increase by about 7.2 times to 5.135 billion yuan, while the compound annual growth rate of China’s cloud game market revenue will reach 135%, and nearly 60.65 million people may become potential users in this emerging field.