Tencent Cloud Launches Sub-brand to Improve Developer Solutions for Audio, Video Products

Tencent’s cloud services arm has launched a new audio and video sub-brand that will provide a suite of integrated software tools and programs to simplify product development and improve end-user experience across various industries.

The Chinese tech giant also announced a new communication network called RT-ONE, which integrates Tencent Cloud’s real-time communication network (TRTC), instant messaging network (IM) and content distribution network (CDN) that will deliver better network response times and performance.

Claiming to be the industry’s most comprehensive foundation for audio and video communication PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) products, the “three-in-one” RT-ONE network is a one-stop solution for industries such as education, retail, finance and entertainment, the company said at a press launch in Shenzhen on Tuesday.

“Video, audio and live interactive streaming are being integrated into all industries. Meanwhile, the products themselves and subsequent user experiences have a lot of room for improvement,” Tencent Cloud Vice President Yutao Li said at the event.

“Our offline experiences are being transferred to the online space in a seamless way. The content ecosystem — which includes audio and video services and products — now demands basic networks and other technical capabilities to be of a higher standard,” he added.

The new brand will provide mobile live broadcasting, short video, the TRTC network, IM and other software development kit products to customers in an “all-in-one package” to ensure an optimized experience and lower developers’ access threshold, Tencent said.

For users, this means latency-free, high speed connection in audio and video products, such as in online classrooms, video meetings, call centers, e-commerce livestreaming, social platforms, e-sports matches and virtual showrooms.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has ignited a surge in demand for reliable audio and video based products. According to data from Tencent, the average daily time of real-time voice and video interaction across the company’s various platforms exceeded 3 billion minutes during the pandemic. Its cloud-based videoconferencing tool, Tencent Meeting, attracted more than 100 million users in the first 245 days following its launch in December 2019.

The company’s CDN product director Long Liao added that Tencent will continue to explore overseas markets including Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, with a focus on expanding its games and e-commerce businesses.