OnePlus Unveils Renders of Upcoming Flagship Featuring a Circular Camera Module

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus’s CEO Pete Lau unveiled in its community forums the visual renders of its upcoming flagship product due to launch in October. By disclosing official renders of its highly anticipated flagship ahead of launch intentionally, OnePlus is challenging the conventional practices of the smartphone industry by doing things differently.

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According to the official visual renders released by the company, the new flagship features a bold new approach to house its triple-camera setup within a circular ring module, striking an elegant balance between the elongated phone body and the three lenses.

Renders of OnePlus Upcoming Flagship Phone
Renders of OnePlus Upcoming Flagship Phone (Source: OnePlus)

“At OnePlus, we believe that design must not only be visually pleasing, but also enhance the overall user experience,” said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. “We’ve completely reimagined the camera housing this time to not only make a bold visual statement, but also enable our product to fit naturally and comfortably in your palms for a seamless and premium user experience.”

OnePlus Upcoming Flagship Phone Design
OnePlus Upcoming Flagship Phone Design (Source: OnePlus)

The company added that it is more than excited to be introducing this new finish on its upcoming flagships and that “no detail is too small to be perfected.”