OnePlus Sets to Launch OnePlus 7 Series on May 16 in Beijing

OnePlus finally reveals the launch date of the much anticipated OnePlus 7 Series – May 16.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau broke the news on his Weibo account last night. He said OnePlus 7 devices will be launched in four cities: New York City, London, Bangalore and Beijing, making it the largest launch in the company’s history.

Lau said that the launch event in Beijing will be held on May 16 at Yanqi Lake. The Verge earlier reported the new products will be launched simultaneously in the other three cities on May 14.

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The Weibo post is accompanied by a teaser picture showing a corner of the upcoming device and the slogan “Go Beyond Speed.”

The screen is emphasized again in Lau’s announcement, “We’ll show everyone what kind of top notch screen a real flagship should have.” In a previous Weibo post, Lau revealed that OnePlus 7 devices will be equipped with customized brand new screens that cost two to three times more than normal smartphone screens. Lau believes that having a good screen is crucial to user experience since the screen is the interface that a user has the most direct contact with.

Lau said OnePlus will lead the industry into a new era of “smooth” experience and redefine “lightness” and “smoothness”.

Featured photo credit to OnePlus