NIO Launches New ES6 Electric SUV

NIO ES6 — the high-performance intelligent electric SUV was officially launched on NIO Day 2018 which was celebrated at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center on Dec. 15.

This year’s NIO day was themed ‘Together & Better’, with over 10,000 NIO users and friends at the scene, and even more if you count the people watching the live broadcast.

NIO DAY 2018
NIO DAY 2018 (source: NIO)

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The ES6 has the classic NIO design, including a stylish exterior and a high-tech interior. With a high-strength aluminum and carbon fiber composite structure, the new vehicle ES6 can be accelerated from 0 to 100 km within 4.7 seconds. The braking distance is a range of 510 km and 33.9 meter.

NIO ES6 SUV (photo source: NIO)

The vehicle comes in a standard version of 358,000 yuan ($51,899) and a performance version priced at 398,000 yuan ($57,698). Each ES6 is custom-made for the buyer, and users can pre-order it through the NIO App. Deliveries are expected to start from June 2019.

NIO also announced that the ES8 six-seat version will be priced at 456,000 yuan ($66,106) and available for pre-ordering after Dec. 24. The delivery is expected to start by the end of March next year. In 2019, NIO also plans to fully upgrade the three service systems: NIO House, NIO Power and NIO Service.

NIO ES6 Price
NIO ES6 for sale price (photo source: NIO)

This year, NIO has opened 26 NIO centers and experience stores in China. The company plans to continue its expansion and the number of centers and stores is expected to reach 70 by the end of next year.

In addition to the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway network, NIO plans to install power stations on more expressways based on user needs.

In terms of maintenance and repair services, NIO has established a nationwide security network. It plans to build more than 160 service outlets in China by the end of this year. And the number of service outlets is expected to exceed 300 in 2019, further enhancing its service capacity.

Featured photo credit to NIO