NIO Executive Denies Cooperation With AMD China

AMD China announced on domestic social media platform Weibo on Tuesday that it has reached a chip supply cooperation with NIO, a Chinese electric vehicle company. However, Ma Lin, senior director of corporate communications at NIO, responded twice to deny news of cooperation.

AMD is dedicated to developing computing and graphics processing solutions for enterprises, individual consumers and gaming developers. It can also provide central processing unit and graphics processing unit. AMD China’s Weibo account on Tuesday showed that NIO will use AMD’s EPYC family of processors for its high-performance computing (HPC) platform. Notably, it appears that AMD’s chips will only be used for NIO’s vehicle development, instead of in production vehicles.

Subsequently, Ma Lin commented: “NIO has no cooperation with AMD, let alone has authorized AMD to deliver relevant statements. AMD’s move is very regrettable. Please delete the post.”

AMD China deleted the original post on Wednesday and published another one, saying: “NIO purchased AMD EPYC processors for HPC R&D. The processors combine the microarchitecture of enhanced Zen 3 cores. We look forward to cooperation between the two sides in the future.”

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Ma again commented on AMD China’s new post: “There were some deviations in the understanding between the two sides before, and my previous statement was too tough. AMD is a very respectable company. Let’s work together for the arrival of automobile intelligence and the vision of Blue Sky Coming.”