XPeng Motors Will Launch Multiple Models in the Middle East and Africa Markets in Q2

On February 22, XPeng Motors announced a strategic partnership with the UAE distributor group Ali&Sons. As XPeng Motors accelerates its overseas expansion 2.0 strategy, it has established strategic partnerships with distributor groups in the Middle East and Africa markets including Ali&Sons in the UAE, RAYA Group in Egypt, SR Group in Azerbaijan, T Gargour&Fils Group in Jordan, and Gargour Asia SAL Group in Lebanon. Multiple models of XPeng Motors will be launched and delivered in five countries across the Middle East and Africa starting from the second quarter.

After reaching a strategic cooperation with the distributor group of five countries in the Middle East and Africa, XPeng Motors will start selling two SUV models, G6 and G9, in the United Arab Emirates from Q3. The XPeng G6 and G9 are models developed for the global market based on the XPeng SEPA 2.0 “Fuyao” comprehensive intelligent evolution architecture. At the same time, XPeng P7 and G9 will begin deliveries in Jordan and Lebanon in Q2, followed by Egypt in Q3.

Cooperation with the Middle East and Africa markets marks XPeng Motors’ important ‘first step’ on the road to globalization. The United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Egypt are respectively XPeng Motors’ first new markets in the Gulf region, Central Asia region, and African region. At the same time, this year will also expand into other European markets including Germany, UK, Italy, and France. By 2024, XPeng Motors will launch more adapted models for sale and delivery by focusing on Europe and potential Middle East and Africa regions to increase sales and market share.

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