Nanjing University Announces New Artificial Intelligence School

Nanjing University has announced the establishment of its Artificial Intelligence School, dedicated to building a first-class base for fundamental artificial intelligence research and talent development.

According to Jiqizhixin, Nanjing University has issued a notice on the establishment of its Artificial Intelligence School. Today, Nanjing University published the official news on its website.

Notice released on March 5 by Nanjing University

Nanjing University announced, “With the rapid development of global artificial intelligence in recent years, AI has become the battlefield for international innovation.”

In 2017, the State Council published “New Generation AI Development Planning”, a strategic deployment of China’s AI development at the state level. During the Government Work Report on March 5 2018, Prime Minister Keqiang Li mentioned “intelligence” up to four times, and specifically pointed out the need to “promote new generation AI research and application” and “develop AI industry”. The establishment of the Artificial Intelligence School is a crucial initiative by Nanjing University to stay with the global technology transformation trend, to build an academic ecosystem for artificial intelligence development, and to better serve the country.

Nanjing University’s Computer Science program ranks 14th for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in Asia on CSRankings.

Top 20 Asian Universities (with certain shared ranks)

Learning And Mining from Data (LAMDA), led by Professor Zhihua Zhou at Nanjing University, is a well-known AI research group. The main research interests of LAMDA include machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, information retrieval, evolutionary computation, neural computation, and other related areas. Its current research activities involve ensemble learning, semi-supervised and active learning, multi-instance and multi-label learning, cost-sensitive and class-imbalance learning, metric learning, dimensionality reduction and feature selection, structure learning and clustering, theoretical foundations of evolutionary computation, improving comprehensibility, content-based image retrieval, web search and mining, face recognition, computer-aided medical diagnosis, and bioinformatics.

Additional researchers from LAMDA including Professor Jiang Yuan and Associate Professor Li Wujun are also listed in CSRankings.

Nanjing University Computer Science professor conference paper contribution rankings

Nanjing University is not the first Chinese university to set up an artificial intelligence school. On May 28 2017, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences announced its Artificial Intelligence School, which was a new type of comprehensive school with both education and technology research in artificial intelligence.

On Nov. 2 2017, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology held an opening ceremony for its Artificial Intelligence School. It is affiliated with China’s Education Ministry and was the first dedicated school for AI talent education and training, innovation research and development, and building of first-level teams.

This article originally appeared in Jiqizhixin and was translated by Pandaily.