Talking Tom Cat Is Developing A Voice Interactive Companion Robot Using Generative AI Technology

Talking Tom Cat Company recently released a new “Investor Relations Activity Record” disclosing the company’s layout in the field of AI.

According to the introduction, the domestic R&D team of Talking Tom Cat Company has cooperated with Westlake Xinchen Hangzhou Technology Co. Ltd. on products such as Talking Tom AI storytelling. The initial testing of the main functions has been completed. The company’s first AI mobile game developed by overseas teams, “Talking BenAI,” has started its first round of overseas testing in regions such as Slovenia, Cyprus, and South Africa. In addition, the company’s AI hardware team is developing an AI voice interactive companion robot based on generative artificial intelligence technology, which is expected to bring new growth opportunities for the company’s business.

(Source: YouTube)

Talking Tom Cat revealed that a prototype of a new product adapted for MR/VR hardware had been tested on Apple’s Vision Pro. The company will use the results of this product test as the basis to advance the development plan for adapting products to VisionPro devices. At the same time, the company has negotiated with Apple to launch new exclusive game products on the Apple Arcade gaming platform, and will subsequently push forward with plans to launch related new products.

In addition, Westlake Xinchen Hangzhou Technology Co. Ltd., a company strategically invested by Talking Tom Cat Company, is also continuously researching multimodal emotional large models and actively promoting the commercialization of AI in emotional companionship, psychological counseling, content production and other aspects.

Talking Tom Cat recently stated on the interactive platform that the company is advancing its application to access OpenAI’s Sora model, and plans to conduct testing related to material production. Currently, it has not officially accessed Sora.

Talking Tom Cat was a popular pet application game on mobile phones many years ago, but over time, it seems that this game has lost its former glory. However, starting last year, due to the gradual attention to the concept of generative AI, the original “Talking Tom Cat” has been upgraded to “Chatting Tom Cat”.

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