Li Auto’s Li ONE to Undergo OTA Update, Enhancing Assisted Driving

Chinese electric vehicle maker Li Auto announced on Tuesday that its smart SUV Li ONE will soon undergo an over-the-air (OTA) update to version 3.1, offering more advanced assisted driving features.

After this OTA update, users can control the vehicle to move forward or backward in a straight line through the brand’s mobile app. Consumers can also access customized music functions, or select from existing genres on the operating system.

Li Auto claims that when the navigation assistant driving function is turned on, the recommended timing of lane changes and ramp entry and exit will be more accurate. The offset of current cruising speed can be set according to personal preference. At present, the navigation assisted driving function has been activated by over 100,000 users.

In addition, Li ONE’s conventional assisted driving function has been optimized by adding the cone reminding function as a warning of construction sections ahead.

According to Li Auto, 23 OTA upgrades have been provided to users since the delivery of the Li ONE, with 143 functions upgraded in the 2020 version and 127 functions upgraded in the 2021 version.

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Affected by the ongoing pandemic and a shortage of raw materials, sales of medium and large SUVs in China were unsatisfactory in April. Li ONE’s delivery volume during the month was only 4,167 units. In addition, Li Auto will deliver its second model, the smart SUV L9 specially built for families, in the third quarter of this year.