Li Auto Responds to the Vehicle Detects Pedestrians in Unmanned Cemetery

Recently, a car owner posted a video on social media claiming that their vehicle L9 identified and marked several pedestrians on an empty road in the cemetery. Due to the incident occurring in the cemetery, this mistaken identity event has attracted a lot of attention and discussion from netizens.

On March 29th, Li Auto responded that “The Li Max series models use a fusion perception of lidar and visual cameras. Due to the limitations of current market sensor recognition capabilities, the vehicle may display abnormalities in certain scenarios. We will strengthen the recognition ability through subsequent OTA optimization algorithms.

According to the official website, Li Auto released its second flagship SUV, the Li Auto L9 Max on June 21st, 2022 with a price of RMB 4.598 million (about $ 66,820). The Li Auto L9 is equipped with auto-grade 128-line high-resolution lidar which plays a role in obstacle recognition, assisted driving and intelligent parking functions. Currently, the latest OTA version for the vehicle system update is version 4.3.1 and the assisted driving function belongs to level L2.

Li Auto recently released its delivery data, showing that in February this year, Li Auto delivered a total of 16,600 new cars, an increase of 97.5% compared to the same period last year; the cumulative delivery volume in history is 289,100. On March 24th, Li Auto officially announced that its cumulative delivery volume has reached 300,000 vehicles.

Previously, Li Auto had also experienced a similar incident. In January 2023, a car owner posted a video claiming that while driving the Li Auto vehicle, the central control screen suddenly displayed someone chasing from behind, but upon inspection there was no one behind the car.

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In response to this, Li Auto officials stated that this is a bug in the visual perception algorithm of the Li Auto L8 Pro (AD Pro platform 4.2 version). There is a certain probability that the rearview camera will be disturbed by water droplets in rainy and nighttime environments. This issue only affects environmental display perception and does not affect functional control. Please drive with confidence. The Li Auto L9 Max and Li Auto L8 Max on the AD Max platform do not have this bug.

There are not only Li Auto, but also other car companies that have similar incidents. In recent years, various types of intelligent cars have frequently experienced “smart” failures. For example, Tesla identified the front headlights as red lights and took braking measures, and identified the front car’s red ribbon as an ice cream cone. As early as 2021, a Tesla owner in the United States stated that when passing through a cemetery, the onboard sensor displayed pedestrians on both sides.