Li Auto Denies Canceling Infrared Sensor in L8 Pro SUV

In response to recent reports that an infrared sensor in the rear row ceiling of Li Auto‘s L8 Pro SUV model has been discontinued, the Chinese new energy auto firm confirmed on the evening of October 27 that this is false information and that the vehicle’s configuration had not changed.

Infrared (IR) sensors are mainly used to realize gesture and voice control of window functions in Li L8 Pro models. On October 27, several web users who had booked the model said that they had received notices from product experts that afternoon, and were told the vehicle they ordered had canceled the rear IR sensor. Some posted chat records with Li Auto sales staff, showing that the employees said the sensor was indeed discontinued.

This is reportedly because Li Auto wants to improve its algorithms and realize the original function and experience by replacing the sensor with other functions. However, some users find this difficult to accept, saying that “It feels like being ripped off, just like buying an iPhone 14, but being told that smartphone lacks a camera before delivery.”

Li L8 (Source: Li Auto)

This incident has also aroused discussion among Li Auto users. On the same day, Li Auto stated on social media in response to questions from users that “the configuration of Li L8 Pro has not changed. Everything is subject to official news.”

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The Li L8 Pro model was launched on September 30, positioned as a luxury medium and large-sized SUV. It adopts a six-seat layout and is equipped with an extended-range hybrid system, with a 1,315 km range and a pure-electric cruising range of 210 km, both under CLTC conditions.

The car comes standard with intelligent Advanced Driving Assistance System (AD) Pro and intelligent cockpit SS Pro. AD Pro adopts the world’s first Journey 5 chip developed by Horizon Robotics, and has high-speed NOA navigation to assist driving. The SS Pro adopts Qualcomm 8155 chip and front four-screen interactive system (a head-up display, a safe driving interactive screen and two 15.7-inch LCD screens in the front).

Li Auto previously stated that the Li L8 Max will start delivery in early November, while the Li L8 Pro will begin in late November.

On October 2, Li Auto announced that the company delivered a total of 11,531 new cars in September 2022, a year-on-year increase of 62.5%. Among them, Li L9, the home-use flagship six-seat SUV, delivered 10,123 vehicles in the first full month. A total of 26,524 vehicles were delivered in the third quarter, an increase of 5.6% compared with the third quarter of 2021. As of September 30, 2022, the cumulative delivery volume of Li Auto is 211,015.

It is worth noting that on September 26, Li Auto lowered its vehicle delivery forecast for the third quarter, and adjusted the previous delivery forecast of 27,000 to 29,000 vehicles to 25,500 vehicles, a decrease of 1,500 to 3,500 vehicles.