Huawei Rewards Staff For Staying With the Company Following US Blacklisting

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said on November 12 that it will hand out 2 billion yuan ($286 million) in cash bonuses and double almost all employees’ monthly salaries for October as a reward for mitigating the impact of its US blacklisting.

The US government believes that Huawei’s equipment, particularly its 5G network infrastructure, poses a national security risk, and blacklisted the Chinese company as a result earlier this year.

As a reward, Huawei stated that 2 billion yuan will be distributed to staff members, mainly from the company’s research and development teams according to Reuters. This includes ‘HiSilicon’, which has been developing alternatives to US components, and the project to build an in-house mobile operating system as a substitute for Google’s Android OS.

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In addition to the bonus, employees will receive double their usual salary this month. Huawei has a reputation for rewarding its workforce, especially when business is doing well.

Huawei has denied any allegations of wrongdoing and despite its difficulties, reported an increase in revenues in August. However, founder Ren Zhengfei suggested figures were aided by sympathetic Chinese clients making payments on time and urged Huawei staff to go into “overdrive” to meet sales targets.