Apple Vision Pro May Be Released in China As Early As May, Possibly with A Name Change

The Apple Vision Pro was officially launched in the United States last week, with a starting price of approximately $25,000.

According to the latest supply chain news, this device will be available for sale in the Chinese market as early as April, with a deadline no later than May.

The news also revealed that the registration process for Vision Pro with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is nearing completion.

Previously, when asked about the release date of Vision Pro in China, Cook responded by saying that although the specific time is uncertain, it will be soon.

Please note that this device may need to change its name in order to be released in China, as the trademark ‘Vision Pro’ currently belongs to Huawei.

It is reported that Huawei registered the trademark ‘Vision Pro’ as early as May 16, 2019. The exclusive right to use this trademark is valid from November 28, 2021 to November 27, 2031. The approved goods/services for use include LCD televisions, head-mounted virtual reality devices, wireless radio equipment, and so on.

However, the registration of the Vision Pro trademark by Huawei is actually unrelated to Apple, as Huawei has two product lines related to ‘Vision’, including Huawei’s first smart viewing glasses called Vision Glass, and the Huawei Vision smart screen series.

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