Huawei Mobile Phone Price Hike: Mate 30 Rises by 620 Yuan in Two Months

As a result of the new round of control measures imposed by the United States on Huawei, which formally took effect on Sept. 15, several suppliers can no longer provide Huawei with their products unless approved by the US Department of Commerce.

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Along with the impact of this ban, Huawei mobile phone distributors told Chinese media company Bkeconomy that Huawei’s mobile phones have recently experienced considerable price hikes.

According to the quotation table provided by one of the distributors to Bkeconomy, the price of Mate30 5G (8+256G) black was 4390 yuan two months ago, but has now soared by 14% to 5,010 yuan, nearing last year’s release price of 5499 yuan.

Bkeconomy also reported price increases for the P40 series, which are equipped with the Kirin 990 chip. The price of the P40Pro (8+256G) black rose from 5880 yuan two months ago to 6180 yuan, an increase of 300 yuan bringing the cost almost to the original 6,488 yuan when it was first released in April this year.

Bkeconomy reported that all Huawei models equipped with Kirin 990 chips have raised prices. Distributors said the price hike may be fallout from a shortage of chips, adding that although the cost has increased, they can still obtain the products at present.