Huawei Denies RMB 230,000 Monthly Salary Rumor

AI Caijing reported on Wednesday that several payslips from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s Data Center Energy Corps were exposed on the Internet. The payslips were from the month of November 2021.

The payslips show that the employees’ titles are “senior engineers” and the monthly salary includes basic salary, scientific research subsidy, transportation subsidy, catering subsidy, merit pay, deduction of five insurances and public reserve funds, individual income tax, and others. Due to different work positions, the monthly salary can vary quite a bit. The lowest monthly basic salary is 48,000 yuan but, after the above additions, the employee receives 92,000 yuan. The highest monthly basic salary is 155,000 yuan plus the above benefits which would bring the total to 230,000 yuan.

This salary level has obviously caused the envy of many ordinary office workers and has started some debate about the topic.

However, a person familiar with the matter denied the authenticity of the payslips and pointed out many loopholes. First, Huawei will not distribute employees payslips. Secondly, the entity company corresponding to Huawei Data Center Energy Corps is Huawei Digital Energy Company, not Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Finally, there is no “senior engineer” rank in Huawei.

In addition, people familiar with accounting tax also said that there are problems with the number of individual taxes in the payroll, which should actually be higher.

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However, on the whole, Huawei’s treatment has always been very good. According to official data disclosed by Huawei, Huawei had about 197,000 employees in 2020 to whom the company paid 139.1 billion yuan in wages, salaries and other benefits in that year. Based on this calculation, the average annual salary of Huawei employees is 706,000 yuan, and the average monthly salary is 58,800 yuan. Huawei also recruited a group of young professionals with an annual salary of 2 million yuan, a plan that has always been on offer to qualified candidates.