Honor’s New Subsidiary “Xingyao” Starts Recruitment

Chinese smartphone company Honor has launched a new subsidiary named Xingyao, which recently started talent recruitment. According to the offical website, Shenzhen-based Xingyao is wholly-owned by Honor. Its business mainly covers offline sales, retail and supply chain-related work in Honor’s stores, belonging to the “new retail business” field.

The new firm’s recruitment information shows that it mainly seeks reserve managers for direct stores and experience stores. They will be responsible for multiple tasks including product retail and store management.

In July of last year, Honor added a wholly-owned subsidiary named “Shenzhen Xingyao Device Co., Ltd.” with a registered capital of 4 million yuan ($588,928) and legal representative Zhu Zhendong. Its business scope includes the sale of mobile devices, smart wearable devices, electronics, intelligent robots and network equipment. This has triggered rumors that Honor will set up a sub-brand.

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Honor CEO George Zhao later said that Xingyao actually is set up to build a professional and systematic sales team for the company. With Xingyao meant to carry the company’s future sales system, Zhao said, “We have no plans to develop it into a sub-brand of Honor.”

In addition, it was discovered last year that a mini program called “Xingyao Mall” was launched on WeChat, with the discription reading: “Honor’s new retail platform, covering mobile office and smart home.” It also said that “Honor provided all its products for ‘exclusive VIP users to create a smart new world where everything is connected to each other.'” The mini program, however, cannot be found on WeChat at present.