Hongmeng OS Faster Than Android, Says Huawei CEO

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei confirmed that its operating system Hongmeng OS “is very likely” to be faster than Android by Google or Mac OS X by Apple, according to French magazine Le Point’s July 4 issue.

“We build the system to connect all things, and that’s how we step into an intelligent society,” said Ren.

Huawei Renzhengfei Le Point interview
Huawei CEO Ren zhengfei on Le Point magazine (photo source: facebook@lepoint.fr)

As a previous report shows, Hongmeng OS is 60 percent faster than Android. Ren confirmed that the system’s processing delay is less than 5 milliseconds.

Hongmeng will also be compatible with a diverse range of devices, which will enable it to adapt perfectly to the Internet of Things platforms, including autonomous driving. Ren emphasized that Hongmeng is not only designed for smartphones. It is already available for certain other devices.

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“The operating system that we are developing is compatible with printed circuit boards, switchboards, routers, smartphones and data centers among others.”

Although Hongmeng has these advantages in diverse use cases, Ren admitted that it still has room for improvement. “Compared with Apple’s operating system or Android, Hongmeng lacks a good application ecosystem,” Ren said. He added that Huawei has started to work on substitutes for the Android and Apple app stores and is trying to attract developers.

Will Hongmeng replace Android?

“For now, Hongmeng has no intention to replace Android. Will we build an ecosystem for Hongmeng, when Android stops allowing updates on Huawei devices? We haven’t 100 percent decided yet,” Ren said.