Hero Entertainment Announces Name Change to “Hero Games”

Chinese game developer and distributor Hero Entertainment on Monday announced an official name change, carrying out a new brand launch as “Hero Games.” At the same time, the company said that in 2021, the brand logo of “Hero Games” has been used in its new products.

After the launch of the new brand, Hero Games aims at three major fields, including gunfight sandbox games represented by “Our Planet,” action games like “Gray Raven” jointly jointly released with Kuro Games and “Black Myth: Wukong” jointly produced with Game Science, and tactical role-playing games represented by “Wind Fantasy: Legend of Destiny.”

Regarding this brand upgrade, Daniel Wu, the firm’s CEO, said: “I hope Hero Games can become a symbol representing high-quality games. I also hope our friends will always remember our mission, vision and values, put forward more and higher quality requirements for the games they devote in. Meanwhile, we aim to deepen our understanding of users, continuously improve R&D capabilities, and attract more industry talent. In the future, Hero Games will create more world-class games.”

Hero Games was established in June 2015. Up to now, it has ten studios, including Changyouyunduan, IGAME and Halo Studio. These ten studios correspond to the top ten projects that have been established after the end of 2018. 70% of these projects use Unreal Engine 4 and are planned to be launched one after another from this year to 2023.

Currently, Hero Games has released products including “Our Planet,” and “Wind Fantasy: Legend of Destiny.” Among them, “Our Planet” will be distributed by Tencent and the latter has obtained the game publication number.

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