Genshin Impact Xiangling x OnePlus Ace 2 Smartphone Released, Priced at $538

On the evening of April 17, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus released the OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact Customized Gift Box, which will be available for sale on April 24. This edition only has an 18 GB + 512 GB version priced at 3699 yuan ($538) on the Chinese market, and is 200 yuan more expensive than the original version with 16 GB + 512 GB.

(Source: OnePlus)

The gift box includes a Oneplus Ace 2 Genshin Impact Xiangling customized version smartphone, featuring a lava red color and a leather material on the back cover. In addition, the gift box also contains a Guoba-themed SIM tray ejector, a Xiangling scroll poster, a set of Xiangling custom stickers, 3 Xiangling cards, and an instruction booklet.

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In terms of system, the customized version smartphone adopts an entire set of customized UI themes and has unique sound effects designed jointly by OnePlus and miHoYo’s Genshin Impact team.

From the moment users light up the screen of the Oneplus Ace 2 Genshin Impact custom gift box, Xiangling & Guoba start immersive companionship. The custom theme brings not only dynamic wallpapers of Xiangling but also static wallpapers for Guoba that are jointly designed by OnePlus and Genshin Impact team. Their character elements are also integrated into screen-off display and charging effects.

(Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace2 Lava Red is OnePlus’ first phone with a leather cover and a lighter body weight. In terms of performance, this new model is equipped with Snapdragon 8+ chipset with 18GB LPDDR5 memory which improves application startup speed by 6% compared to its previous model (16GB version), while reducing frame drops in load scenarios by 10%.

OnePlus Ace2 Lava Red brings the latest achievements from “OnePlus-Genshin Experience Optimization Laboratory” to continuously improve professional performance in four dimensions: frame rate, image quality, game loading speed, and teleportation loading speed within games.