Douyin’s Zhu Hao Jia Home Improvement Business Suspended Amid Adjustments

On February 22nd, Chinese media Jiemian quoted multiple insiders as saying that Douyin has recently suspended the operation of its home decoration business, Zhuhaojia. Customers who have not signed contracts will no longer be able to sign new ones, while those who have signed but not yet received services are in the process of discussing refunds.

Customer service at Zhuhaojia also confirmed the above information to Jiemian News, stating that they received a notice about the company’s business adjustment and are no longer able to sign new contracts.

In response, the person in charge of the Douyin home decoration business platform stated that Zhuhaojia is a self-operated business under the Douyin home decoration business platform. The business recently underwent a normal business adjustment and will transition to explore a model for ensuring service. Ongoing projects at Zhuhaojia will continue as usual, and customer service lines are operating normally. The adjustment involves a small number of employees, who have been given priority for internal transfers.

Zhuhaojia launched an independent app in December 2022, affiliated with ByteDance’s home improvement business. It mainly provides one-stop comprehensive home improvement services, including whole-house design, standardized construction, and after-sales support services.

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