Chip Design Company Microparity Secures nearly 100 Million in Pre-A Round of Financing

36Kr reported on Thursday that Microparity, a provider of high-performance single photon detection integrated circuit solutions, recently obtained nearly 100 million yuan in Pre-A round financing. The leading investors were Nanjing Jucheng, Qianhai Pengchen, Hechuang Zhiyuan and the Koala Fund. The funds raised are marked for use in the mass production and continuous research and development of related products.

Microparity is a chip designer specializing in dToF single photon sensitive devices and read-out circuit design. Specifically, its business covers SPAD, SiPM, ASIC and related system solutions. The company is also involved in consumer electronics, LIDAR, medical imaging, industrial inspection and other downstream applications. The company is in mass production or ready for mass production of these devices.

Microparity’s core team is made up of several experts in the field, including AMS single-photon chip designers and the only Chinese member of the EU Sense Project Committee for single-photon sensors. This core team is supplemented by other experts and scholars from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, FBK, a research institute in Italy, Heidelberg University in Germany and top radiodetection research institutions in Europe. The entire team has a background of over 10 years in dToF-related research and industrial experience on average.

In terms of types of products, Microparity will provide chips, modules or system solutions according to customer requirements.

In terms of revenue, the company expects several times growth in revenue in 2022 compared to 2021, primarily from increasing the mass production of products related to consumer electronics and the LiDAR sector.

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In the field of single-photon detection, companies such as Shenzhen Adaps Photonics Technology and vision ICs Microelectronics Technology have already been in business for a while. When asked about the advantages of Microparity, Wei Shen, founder and chief scientist, said, “We are the only company capable of developing SiPM, SiPM readout ASIC and SPAD in parallel. We have a clear understanding of the technical and physical boundaries, which allows us a faster turn around in the face of the ever-changing downstream demand for single-photon detection. Our core team has proven mass production experience and a forward-looking understanding of radiation physics, which makes us stand out. For us, it is our vision to become a world-class photoelectric sensing company.”