ByteDance Acquires Stake in Xinyuan Semiconductors

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has strategically invested in Xinyuan Semiconductors, a China-based memory chip manufacturer, according to recent corporate records. This move solidifies ByteDance’s position as the third-largest shareholder in Xin Yuan Semiconductors, with an indirect stake of 9.5%.

A spokesperson from ByteDance confirmed this previously undisclosed investment, stating that the objective is to accelerate the development of virtual reality headsets. This latest investment aligns with ByteDance’s ongoing pursuit of technological advancements and its keen interest in the virtual reality sector.

Xinyuan Semiconductors, headquartered in Shanghai and founded in 2019, is renowned for its specialization in Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM) technology and associated chip products. The company’s portfolio spans across three significant application areas: high-performance industrial control and automotive System on Chip (SoC) and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips, Computing in Memory (CIM) IP and chips, and System-on-Memory (SoM) chips.

Distinguished as the sole company in mainland China to have accomplished mass production of advanced ReRAM technology, Xinyuan Semiconductors possesses comprehensive closed-loop technical capabilities. These capabilities encompass a wide range of areas, including device materials, process technology, chip design, IP design, and pilot production.

This investment in Xinyuan Semiconductors is not ByteDance’s first foray into the semiconductor industry. In 2021, the tech giant also invested in Moore Thread, a domestic graphics card manufacturer, further demonstrating ByteDance’s commitment to bolstering its presence in the semiconductor sector.

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