CGTN, Fox Anchors “Debate” Over China-US Trade Issues

The debate between CGTN and Fox anchors that many Chinese were looking forward to turned out to be a puzzling Q&A session.

“This is actually a really unique opportunity, an opportunity to hear a very different view,” said Fox Business Network host Trish Regan.

Regan started by stating that Liu Xin, the China Global Television Network (CGTN) anchor, was speaking on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party as a member. As soon as Liu got the chance, she immediately denied the claim, “I am not a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC).”

The two anchors spoke over each other at the beginning of the show about their identity; that was interesting.

Topics they discussed included fair trade, intellectual property, Huawei, tariffs, China’s development and state capitalism among others.


It was interesting to notice that Regan seemed uninterested in talking with Liu about specific issues, instead throwing out many general, or sometimes irrelevant questions, such as “how do you define state capitalism?”

Liu has criticized Regan before, claiming that Regan’s points on US-China trade were “all emotion” with “little substance.”

“This wasn’t a debate at all. It’s just a one-sided interview from Regan to Liu. At its conclusion, audiences are left in the dark about what the two parties thought about the trade war,” said a foreigner working in China.

The debate idea came after they two started megaphone conversations earlier this month, after Regan said Beijing stole “$600 billion worth of intellectual property a year,” leading to the Trump administration tariffs.

“China you picked the wrong fight!” Regan tweeted on May 26.

The U.S. television channel Fox News has been the subject of several controversies and allegations during its time on the air, which led to a not-so-professional reputation. CGTN, on the other hand, is also accused of speaking on behalf of the CPC.

Featured photo credit to FOX