ByteDance’s Douyin Reaches Music Copyright Agreement with Modern Sky

ByteDance’s Douyin has recently reached an agreement with China’s original music record company, Modern Sky. The deal will see both sides work together on a variety of aspects in the industry, including music copyright and music content, connecting the offline world with the online world while promoting the development of original Chinese music.

Modern Sky has signed more than 200 groups of musicians and distributed thousands of artists’ original music. Previously, Modern Sky reached a copyright agreement with NetEase Cloud Music. As this agreement has been reached, all music works owned by Modern Sky are now available on Douyin. Their availability means that Douyin users can play, listen and even use the music in their own short videos. The copyright agreement also covers Douyin products such as Toutiao, Watermelon Video, CapCut and others.

StarNation, a music content brand owned by Douyin, has reached an agreement with Modern Sky for its content. StarNation’s business involves lyrics and song creation, song writing, production, marketing, and distribution. In the future, StarNation and Modern Sky will organize several music festivals together. The first music festival will take place in Guangzhou on December 25th and will also be launched online at the same time.

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As of November 2021, Douyin has reached agreements with more than 2,000 music copyright owners and has cracked down on piracy and infringement on its platforms. All along, Douyin has highlighted reasonable and compliant use of copyright while supporting original content through copyright procurement and providing channels for complaints against misuse.