ByteDance Seeks Partners to Grow Its E-commerce Presence Through Chinese TikTok

ByteDance‘s advertising and marketing platform Ocean Engine is looking for e-commerce vendors and partners in content production, business operations and branding to grow its e-commerce platform on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. 36Kr reported on Thursday morning.

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According to ByteDance’s announcement, the content production service providers will train and consult e-commerce vendors. The business operations partners such as e-commerce MCNs (Multi-channel network) and agencies will be in charge of creating a digital e-commerce supply chain. The branding partners will provide marketing support to vendors.

Founded in 2016, Ocean Engine is a mobile marketing platform that helps brands advertise products on ByteDance’s most popluar mobile apps such as Douyin, Toutiao, Huoshan and Dongchedi. The platform provides advertising and marketing services to customers, targeting Chinese mobile internet users on top digital platforms.

Douyin has been expanding its e-commerce feature and setting up its own platform since May 2018. Last week, Smartisan founder Luo Yonghao turned an e-commerce livestreamer and sold more than 110 million yuan worth of goods in a 3.5 hour broadcast on the platform. Douyin currently boasts 400 million DAUs (daily active users) and Ocean Engine’s partnerships with e-commerce vendors is expected to offer Douyin a chance to further challenge rivals such as Alibaba‘s Taobao and Pinduoduo.