BYD Seal U Model Will Be Exported to the European Market

On July 24th, the BYD Song PLUS EV Champion Edition will officially enter the European market. The new car is scheduled to debut during the opening of Munich Station in September. The official name of this car on the European market will be “Seal U”.

The reason for choosing this name is because the letter “U” represents “Utility,” which means “multifunctional” in Chinese. And from the front face of the new car, there are indeed many similarities with the seal’s sedan model.

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The appearance and interior of the Seal U remain consistent with domestic models, also featuring a 15.6-inch rotating central control screen and DiLink intelligent connectivity system. In terms of power, the new car offers a power system on the European market with a maximum power of 160kW. It is equipped with two battery capacities: 71.8kWh and 87kWh, providing the WLTP range of 420 kilometers and 500 kilometers respectively.

According to the official Facebook page of BYD Europe, it is expected that the domestically available escort ship 07 model will be sold in the local market under the name of a derivative model from the Tang series. Currently, BYD has launched five models on the European market, including the already released Han series, Yuan PLUS (ATTO 3), Tang series, as well as Dolphin and Seal, which will be launched in July and September respectively.