China Passenger Car Association: Tesla’s July Domestic Sales Totaled 30K Units

According to a report released by the China Passenger Car Association on August 4, BYD’s wholesale volume in July reached 162,200 units, while Tesla’s domestic wholesale volume in July was estimated to be 30,000 units. SAIC-GM-Wuling ranked second in the new energy passenger car market during the period, with a wholesale volume of 59,300 vehicles.

In addition, the wholesale volumes of Geely, Chery, and Changan Automobile were estimated to be 35,000 units, 22,200 units and 19,000 units. The report shows that the wholesales volume of SAIC, XPeng, GAC AION are 19,900 units, 11,500 units, and 25,000 units.

In addition, as of July, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory has delivered 323,000 vehicles to global users in 2021, including 206,000 vehicles delivered in the domestic market.

Tesla previously said that in the first half of 2022, Tesla’s Chinese car owners have used the company’s charging network to drive more than 2.8 billion km, an increase of 61% year-on-year, and achieving carbon dioxide emissions reduction of more than 650,000 tons.

According to the China Passenger Car Association, the national new energy passenger car market maintained a strong positive trend in July. In June, the monthly sales volume of 16 enterprises with wholesale sales of more than 10,000 units accounted for 83.7%, and the estimated sales volume of these enterprises in July was 469,000 units. Therefore, the wholesale volume of new energy passenger cars in July was predicted to be about 561,000 units.

Although China has introduced the incentive policy of halving the purchase tax of fuel vehicle, the growth momentum of new energy vehicles is strong. The current consumption promotion policies for new energy vehicles in various places across the country are not lower than those of fuel vehicles in terms of subsidy amount and coverage. New energy vehicles in Shandong and Jilin receive higher subsidies than fuel vehicles, and Beijing and Shanghai have introduced trade-in subsidies only for new energy vehicles.

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Considering the reduced production of several leading EV makers in July, the sales proportion of leading enterprises in China will be lower than that of last month. Therefore, the China Passenger Car Association estimates that the wholesale volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in July is 570,000 units in July, an increase of about 120% year-on-year.