Bilibili’s “Shiguang Mengxing” Mobile Game to Shut Down

“Shiguang Mengxing”, a plot-based mobile game which was distributed by Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili, announced on Wednesday that this game will be shut down at 11:00 am on August 8. Up until now, it has only been in beta mode for half a year.

The team behind “Shiguang Mengxing” said that it had to be temporarily suspended after consensus between the research and operation parties due to developmental and operational strategies. Players can still play the game normally until the suspension time after which players will not be able to log in to the game again and all information, such as account data and character data, in the game will be cleared.

“Shiguang Mengxing” is a group-like urban fantasy mobile game developed by Time Studio. The title is known for its fresh style of story and adventure as it is set in a modern city and tells the story of seven protagonists who fight against evil creatures bred by human desire. The game has been in open beta since January 13.

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Bilibili‘s financial report showed that last year’s Q4 was 5.78 billion yuan ($864.4 million), of which mobile game revenue was 1.295 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%. On April 29, the company said that the impact of Covid-19 in China, especially in Shanghai, had lowered the company’s revenue expectations in Q1. The new expectation is to be between 5 billion yuan and 5.1 billion yuan.