Bilibili Responds to User Privacy Leak in Genshin Impact Fan Event

On April 12, Bilibili, a video-sharing website based in Shanghai, launched an event in collaboration with the popular game Genshin Impact. After participating in the event, users can upload a photo to generate an animated image in the style of the game.

If users want to obtain the high-definition picture generated by the system, they need to select the “publish and receive” option. However, many users were unaware that clicking this button would not only publish their AI-generated image but also automatically post their original personal photo as a video on Bilibili. A large number of real user photos subsequently appeared on the platform, leading some netizens to call it a “massive privacy breach scene”.

According to a report by Chinese media outlet Xinhao Finance, a customer service staff from Bilibili stated that the event was conducted under the premise of obtaining user authorization and there was no violation of privacy or unauthorized acquisition of personal photos. They advised participants to carefully check the items before joining the activity. The event page has now added a prompt stating that publishing videos includes the original images.

Subsequently, an official account of the Bilibili gaming department apologized for insufficient notification regarding this issue and expressed regret towards all participants involved in this event. Later, Bilibili will add direct saving functions for pictures/videos.